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Here is a brief outline of what we sell. We cannot list everything on here so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or visit us to see out full range of products.


We grow the bedding that we sell from pansies and wallflowers in the Autumn to our wide range of summer bedding from May onwards. We also stock shrubs, alpines, herbs and herbaceous plants at various points throughout the year that we carefully source from other nurseries.


We stock many sundries for gardening such as watering, propagation, hanging baskets, garden tools and gardening essentials from string to gloves.


We have a range of clay pots from basic terracotta clay to classic fibre clay and stylish glazed pots in various designs. We also have plastic pots and recycled pots available.



We stock various composts in large and small sizes. We stock brands such as Miracle Gro, Clover, Levingtons and Tomorite planters.

Bulbs and Seeds

We stock a range of seeds throughout the year from grass seed to flowers to vegetables and seed potatoes from February.  We have a range of spring flowering bulbs from August and a range of summer flowering bulbs from February.


All year round, we stock a range of feeds, fertilisers, weedkillers, pesticides and insecticides. Including brands such as Miracle Gro, Weedol, Bug Clear and Tomorite.

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